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I have some news to share and it’s a pretty big deal. In November of 2019 I began working at Providence St. Vincent’s full time as staff doula. This means that I now support the patients of Providence Women’s Clinic during their time at the hospital. It is a completely new way of doula-ing for me: no more private clients, no more home visits, no more late night texts and phone calls (which I loved!).

Instead, I’m exploring what it means to meet someone for the first time on their birthing day. How to form quality connection quickly, how to read a room and listen to what this particular family and this particular birth needs. It’s challenging and exciting and a huge adjustment for me.

This job brings me the opportunity to explore parts of hospital birth never accessible to me before. I’ve been present in the OR for cesarean births, I’m learning the flow of a hospital setting, I’m supporting the nursing staff as they, in turn, support me, and our mutual patients. I’m becoming part of a team bigger than just myself and my clients.

I am grateful for the opportunity. I am sad to put my private practice on hold. I am opening myself up to the power inherent in a big shift. Around here, it’s not just “new year, new me;” it’s “new decade, entirely new work life”.