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Olivia was such a blessing to us during our pregnancy and birth. She was very informative, often finding me resources when I felt overwhelmed. Most importantly, Olivia provided a rock for our family to lean on when things got hard. She was always there providing positivity and humor, even when the rest of us were literally falling apart!

Brandy Winningham

Labor Doula Client

Olivia was an awesome doula every step of the way. We contacted her for services for the birth of our second child; our first doula experience through a local doula agency left me feeling less supported than I had hoped. I am so glad we got in touch with Olivia.

She was professional, yet personal, from the start. Her ability to enter our world and help us through our birthing experience was special, and her knowledge and expertise about the birthing process—from prenatal to delivery and through post-partum—kept us informed along the way. She connected us to practitioner resources and even watched our newborn baby while we went out for a walk and to share some time with our toddler! Olivia is an ace. We need more of her in the world.

Sara Friedman

Labor Doula Client

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We feel very fortunate that we chose Olivia as our doula when expecting our first child. (Side note, if you’re on the fence about getting a doula, do it! How anyone goes through this process without a doula, I have no idea).

Upon our first meeting, her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge was evident and we appreciated her confident, straightforward manner. She was proactive about reaching out to check in with us throughout pregnancy and we happily took advantage by asking many questions along the way. When it came to the birth experience, things could not have gone any different than we expected so again we were grateful to have Olivia by our side to thoughtfully explain and compare various options. We ended up needing her earlier than we anticipated and she arrived quickly and immediately went into action. She ensured both myself and my husband felt cared for throughout the entire experience and her kind gestures (taking photos, giving my husband breaks, bringing us food from the cafeteria afterward) were greatly valued.

Lastly I found her postpartum visits, which are highly individualized, quite useful in helping me process my birthing experience and simply get an extra nap knowing my son was being well looked after. We can’t recommend Olivia highly enough!

Sarah Flatham

Labor Doula Client

When I found out I was having a second child, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed in terms of support. I would have rather had no doula, than someone other than the perfect match. So, I found Olivia. She was the one! I have high standards. She met them in every way. Not only is she professional, but she has great energy, and it was a wonderful addition to my small birth team. Most importantly she kept my wishes for an unmedicated birth a priority, even when I was ready to give up. I needed her calm confidence to make it happen, and I am so happy she was there to support my husband and I. This is someone who will forever be in my heart as part of my son’s birth experience and I am so excited to keep in touch and share where we have gone from here. I am sure that she will be in high demand, so if you have the luck of finding her available, you will not be disappointed. I could not have asked for a better experience with her at my side. My husband and daughter agree. What a wonderful partnership.

Bettina McEntyre

Labor Doula Client

Olivia is AWESOME!

From our initial meeting Olivia filled us with confidence in her and how she would be there to help and support through the birth of our little boy.

Labor started quicker than we all thought and Olivia was there straight away and through until the end.

The support she provided for both of us was amazing. She helped us through any decisions that needed to be made and was a calm, professional and a friend throughout.

I would highly recommend a Doula at any birth and can’t recommend Olivia enough.

Ed Smith

Labor Doula Client's Husband

Olivia was by my side during my 31 hour labor, and it was her calm focus, her support, her quiet humor, and her ability to see what my husband and I needed, that made my labor feel more like a celebration than “work.”  I believe it was because of her care that I was able to have a vaginal delivery when I was being told a c-section was likely.

Olivia came to my house a number of times before labor began to share information with me, to check on how I was doing waiting for baby to come (I went into labor 7 days after my EDD), and to bring me chocolate milk.  Her companionship was so needed and so thoughtful.

Post-partum, Olivia’s visits and support got us through the early days and weeks, and her tips on breastfeeding, sleep schedules, and bottle and nap “training” were invaluable.

Thank you, Olivia!! Adriana Baer

Labor Doula Client

Olivia was amazing. She gave me great tips and laboring at home for 6.5 hours with her by my side was more than amazing. My little guy is almost 1 now and every time I think of his birth, I can’t help but also think and give a silent thanks to Olivia. Elisabeth Stuart

Labor Doula Client