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Prenatal Visits

Working with me includes two in-home prenatal visits. We’ll share a meal and discuss topics such as your birth plan, your thoughts on bottle or chestfeeding, your planned postpartum support network, thoughts and feelings about labor, and your medical care preferences.

These visits are intended as a time for us to get know one another better, for me to learn about your desires and preferences, and for us to build the rapport that will carry us through your labor.

Continuous Labor Support

When you go into labor I will join you whenever you’re ready to have me with you. I will stay until your baby is born, providing continuous informational, emotional, and physical support throughout your labor. If you are giving birth in a hospital, it is possible there will be one or more shift changes of nurses and midwives and doctors while you are laboring. I will stay from beginning to end, giving you a steady and reliable support person throughout.

I am trained to assist you with: breathing methods through contractions, pain relief techniques, effective laboring positions, mental visulaization, and coping strategies. I will be by your side through it all, ready with a sip of water or your favorite chapstick.

Including a doula in your birth plan allows you and your partner to focus on becoming parents, while I deal with the practical aspects of your birth bag, your parents texting you, or getting a birthing ball for you to use.

Postpartum Visits

After your baby is born we will have two postpartum visits at your home. I will assist with infant care, discuss your family’s adjustment to postpartum life, and help you to process your birth story.

These visits are much less structured than our prenatal appointments. My only goal is to help you, however that manifests. It could mean I hold the baby while you shower, it could mean I do some dishes. Postpartum life is a big change! These last few visits are meant to support you in whatever way you need while you navigate this transition.

About My Practice

Conversational in Spanish

Experience with bottle training, sleep training, and baby sign language

I have worked with families conceiving with IVF

I have worked with parents pursuing a trial of labor after cesarean/vaginal birth after cesarean (TOLAC/VBAC)

I welcome working with all families, including LGBTQ families, plus size pregnant people, those who struggle with addiction, and  families growing by surrogacy or adoption


My services are currently being offered for a flat fee of $900.